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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a conference on Nov. 11 and announced a statewide recount to assure voters that the process will build confidence as it will be “an audit, a recount, and a recanvass all at once.”

Georgia has 16 electoral votes, with Biden currently the projected winner, this election could be the first time a Democratic front runner takes the state since 1992.

Biden currently holds the lead with 2,471,899 votes equaling 49.5% of the state total. President Trump follows closely with 2,457,791 votes, about 49.2%.

In a law passed by the state in 2019, a recount can be requested when the total of votes between two candidates is less than 1%.

According to Raffensperger, a Risk Limiting Audit (RLA), which removes the technology used to cast a vote on Nov. 4, will be conducted by the state and will involve all 159 counties to participate to ensure the recounts are completed by Nov. 20.

With the election totals in Georgia so close, Raffensperger has been receiving pressure from political leaders. Earlier this week he received a call to resign from Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

“The mismanagement and lack of transparency from the Secretary of State is unacceptable. Honest elections are paramount to the foundation of our democracy. The Secretary of State has failed to deliver honest and transparent elections. He has failed the people of Georgia, and he should step down immediately,” the joint statement read

Raffensperger also faced criticism from many of his fellow Republicans as the Georgia GOP Delegation sent a letter to the State Secretary expressing their concerns of “voter irregularities.” They claim these issues had been reported to The Georgia Republican Party and the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign. 

“Let me start by saying that is not going to happen. The voters of Georgia hired me, and the voters will be the one to fire me,” Raffensperger said in response to Perdue and Loeffler’s call for resignation.

Raffensperger has repeatedly said they have not found any widespread voter fraud, calling the recount the right thing to do because the election results were so close. 

Raffensperger stated “every legal vote will be counted” and that “we have all worked hard to bring fair and accurate counts to ensure that the will of the voters is reflected in the final count and that every voter will have confidence in the outcome whether their candidate won or lost.” 

The recount news was welcomed by both parties. President Trump tweeted that a recount is good news. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms said that a recount usually only puts the leader further ahead, believing Biden will still come out the winner.

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