Photo by Sergio Luis Estevez

Thousands of Trump supporters from across the country poured into the streets of Washington D.C protesting against what they call a “fraudulent election” on Saturday, Nov. 14. 

Protesters met at Freedom Plaza, where several popular conservative voices spoke on voter integrity and on their support for President Trump. The protesters later marched from freedom plaza to the Supreme Court of the U.S., naming the protest the “Million MAGA March.” 

Photo by Sergio Luis Estevez

Emotions amongst Trump supporters have been weighing heavily since most mainstream news media networks such as Associated Press, CNN and Fox News, projected Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential, even though not all states have certified election results and there are pending lawsuits from the Trump Campaign. 

A few days before the event launch, the event management website, Eventbrite pulled the D.C rally from its platform, citing misinformation” Twitter also censored the link to the event website, only to reverse the decision later on. 

Facebook also took down a pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” group over “worrying calls for violence.” The Facebook group had roughly over 350,000 members and was being used to organize “election integrity” protests throughout the country.  

Despite the mainstream news media claiming that no evidence of widespread voting fraud has surfaced, other independent news outlets have reported otherwise. Countless independent news sources have reported claims of voter fraud, ranging anywhere from software glitches, postal workers coming forward reporting political bias, and dead people casting ballots. These allegations of voter fraud are just a few that have been circulating on social media.

“I hope that the march sends a loud message to the establishment and to the mainstream news media that the American people know that this election was stolen from them. We know who the rightful president is and it’s not Joe Biden,” Million Maga March protester Linda Cuadros, 32-year-old small business owner, political activist, and social media influencer from Miami told Scriberr News.

Photo by Sergio Luis Estevez

“I came to the march today to unite with Americans everywhere of every race and culture that support President Donald J. Trump, and want a transparent and fair election count. We came out peacefully to show the nation that we stand together as Patriots, and hope that POTUS gets to see the crowd today and to hang tight, and fight in the courts and not give up! We have a country to save,” Anthony Cabassa, 33-year-old activist and chairman of the Republican Hispanic Assembly of California told Scriberr News at the march.

Several physical altercations between counter protesters and Trump supporters broke out after the rally came to an end on Black Lives Matter (BLM) Plaza. 

Video footage of Antifa and BLM groups accosting Trump supporters have already made their rounds on social media. A Trump supporter mother pushing a stroller, was verbally and physically assaulted after the D.C rally and a protester was recently hospitalized after counter-protesters physically assaulted him- stomping his head to the ground. 

Proud Boys also organized after the march. 

On Nov. 15, the day after the Million MAGA March a WalkAway event was held at Marshall John Marshall Park. Founder and event organizer Brandon Straka, spoke at the event on the importance of fighting for a free, fair and transparent election. The lineup of speakers consisted of other popular conservative activist influencers who also spoke out against what they call a ‘fraudulent election,” and in support of President Trump. No violence was reported at the WalkAway event rally. 

A total of 21 arrests were made on Nov. 14, four of which were firearm charges. 

Author’s Note:

The integrity of our voting system should be of the utmost importance to all Americans despite political affiliation. One of the key freedoms of American life is participating in our elections. It is one of the many ways Americans can have their voices heard in regards to issues that matter most to them. Americans deserve to feel confident that our votes are accurately counted, protected, and not tampered with in any shape or form.  Every illegal vote suppresses a legal vote. Regardless of political affiliation; due diligence should be shown when it comes to election integrity. 

As of Nov. 16, neither Donald J. Trump nor Joe Biden has been officially declared as the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Before an election winner is declared; all legal challenges need to be resolved and election results need to be certified. 

Written ByEmma Jimenez

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