If projected presidential winner Joe Biden takes office in January, he said he will impose a stay-at-home regulation that could last up to six weeks. This news comes after records have shown that “the U.S. is now averaging about 59,000 new infections per day – the most since early August.” 

According to Gavi, a vaccine alliance website, regulating a stay-at-home rule helps fight the spread of the virus by “being far away enough to avoid infection from the respiratory droplets that carry the virus.” The first U.S. lockdown was implemented in March which helped “avoid nearly 5 million confirmed coronavirus cases.” 

Earlier this year, it was projected that the virus could worsen during the winter months due to the low weather temperatures and increase in indoor activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus is said to be spread “primarily via respiratory droplets.” With winter approaching, there are already over “60,000 cases a day,” making the virus a concern for the upcoming months. 

However, Biden stated that he will have his own 13-person COVID-19 task force that will work with him in January.  

According to a Yahoo! interview with Dr. Michael Osterholm, COVID-19 panel member, Osterholm stated that a mandatory stay-at-home regulation will be placed on all Americans following Biden’s presidency. 

Osterholm explained that although Americans would be forced to stay at home they would be taken care of by a financial package that Biden could eventually create. This package would be used to urge everyone to stay at home and decrease COVID-19 cases.

This regulation could eventually “drive the numbers down like they did in Asia, like they did in New Zealand and Australia,” Osterholm said.

New Zealand announced in August that they saw a decrease in COVID-19 cases due to the travel bans and isolation orders that were placed in the country following the COVID-19 surge in mid-March.

According to a report in the Washington Post, Australia placed the city of Melbourne in a 111 day lockdown which eventually led to the world’s longest lockdown. However, following the lockdown, Melbourne confirmed zero COVID-19 cases following the surge in cases from July to August.

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