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After advising Californian’s to stay at home to help limit the spread of COVID-19, Governor Gavin Newsom and a group of California legislators have been caught breaking safety guidelines they have encouraged for the past few months. 

With winter approaching, California has already seen a spike in COVID-19 cases causing a curfew to be placed in many counties. Newsom recently spoke up about the surge in cases at a press hearing, explaining that everyone must “look forward to the reality of a second wave that is already taking shape all across the United States of America.”

Newsom has urged California residents to continue practicing all of the safety precautions that have been placed since the beginning of the pandemic by asking people to wear a mask and  continue to socially distance. On Nov. 6, Gov. Newsom admitted to attending a dinner party in Napa Valley with several other couples, breaking many safety guidelines he has encouraged. 

Gov. Newsom is now receiving backlash after The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed that he, along with his wife, had attended an indoor dinner gathering with over 12 guests, exceeding his own 10 person gathering rule. Newsom was quick to respond, taking full responsibility for what he had done. 

“I made a bad mistake. Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up and walked back, got in my car and drove back to my house. Instead I chose to sit there with my wife and a number of other couples that were outside the household,” Newsom said.

“I want to apologize to you, because I need to preach and practice. Not just preach and not practice.”

Gov. Newsom’s Communications Director, Nathan Click, supported the governor’s dinner by explaining that both Newsom and his wife followed health protocols. Click noted that these protocols were done in advance to ensure the governor’s safety, as well as his wife’s.

Following Newsom’s apology to Californians, there have now been reports of California lawmakers attending an annual legislative conference in Hawaii, once again disregarding safety guidelines. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, out of the estimated 75 people who attended the conference, at least 7 assembly members and one state senator were from California. This comes after the state of California issued a travel advisory which indicates that traveling may increase COVID-19 cases throughout the world. 

Organized by the Independent Voter Project (IVP) at the Fairmont Kea Lani, the IVP’s chair and executive director, Dan Howle, said that the event was “a third of its regular size.” Howle noted that he had no prior health and safety concerns because of the mandatory requirements Hawaii demands from its Safe Travels program

“If you just cancel everything and hunker down and go home, we’ll never find the solutions for these problems. The fact of the matter is Washington DC is not going to solve this problem. The problems are going to be solved at the local government level –– state and local governments,” Howle said.

“Here in Hawaii the governor has done a tremendous job, putting together a program where travelers can come to Hawaii now, and feel safe and secure.”

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