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Many local businesses in California have been hit hard and are facing yet again another lockdown within Governor Newsom’s order of a statewide curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Essential workers are currently exempted from the curfew as many of them work in the medical field and need to work overnight. 

Non-essential businesses are only allowed to place to-go orders, as outdoor dining has stopped taking place due to coronavirus cases rising during this time of year. 

Los Angeles County currently has restaurants, breweries and bars closed within that time frame.

David Cooley, owner of The Abbey Food and Bar, in West Hollywood, CA said, “These new forced closures and curfews will put many small businesses, already on the verge of total collapse, out of business for good.” 

“The hospitality industry has been given the blame and a huge burden with all of these restrictions. We’re good operators, who follow all the guidelines and take things even further to ensure that our staff and guests are safe,” continued Cooley. 

“County health officials are implementing these new changes because of the people who won’t follow the guidelines. The people not following the guidelines are the reason I have to lay off my entire staff for the holidays.”

The California Department of Health says the order will remain in effect until 5:00 a.m. PST on Dec. 21 and may be extended or revised as needed.

“It’s particularly hard for LGBTQ+ spaces going into the holidays. We’re more than just a restaurant, we’re a safe space for people to celebrate the holidays. The Abbey has helped people feel welcomed and loved during the holidays for almost 30 years,” said Cooley.

“Many businesses, including mine, invested even further to take advantage of outdoor space, turning alleys and parking spots into safe dining spaces. Now, all of that investment is wasted. The rules keep changing and we’ve followed every guideline.”

The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce took to Twitter to say:

The guidelines within the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health says that “any service of food, beverages, and/or alcohol that involves a customer sitting or remaining onsite indoors or outdoors to consume food or beverages is prohibited. In addition to the conditions imposed on restaurants, breweries and wineries by the State Public Health Officer, restaurants, breweries and wineries must also be in compliance with these safety and infection control protocols.”

Cooley continued saying, “We had code compliance and the health department visit us this weekend and told us we were in full compliance. … We’re trying to make it work but we can’t do it alone.”

A Los Angeles County resident, Patrick Manos replied to the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce:

The Abbey Food and Bar will be taking take out and to go orders from Tuesday-Wednesday until 10 p.m. 

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