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James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, disclosed in an Instagram livestream on Dec. 1 that he had been listening in on CNN’s 9 a.m. conference calls for the past two months.

In the video, he revealed that an insider at CNN gave him the dial-in information to overhear the calls. Upon being confronted by O’Keefe, Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, immediately attempted to adjourn the meeting. The hashtag #CNNtapes trended on Twitter in the hours following the livestream.

Videos containing content from the calls have been released on Project Veritas’s YouTube channel after the announcement. Several CNN executives were implicated in the videos, from Vice President Cynthia Hudson to Vice President and Political Director David Chalian. 

In one of the most recent uploads, Zucker said Trump is continuing on with “baseless claims of fraud” and questioned whether that makes the President a “national security threat.” He also told top executives that the “[the President] is acting erratically and desperately” and that the network “need not normalize that.” 

The Washington Post reported that Project Veritas may have “crossed a line” in its latest investigation, citing that several CNN employees on the call were from states that “require the consent of both parties for a recording to be made.” CNN’s communication team stated in a tweet to O’Keefe that they have referred the incident to law enforcement. 

Other outlets, like The Washington Examiner, focused on the network’s alleged lack of coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop controversy. This came after a CNN employee said that the network would not cover the allegations of child pornography on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

CNN’s communications team also replied to one of the leaked videos that allegedly misidentified one of CNN’s employees.

In a tweet addressed to O’Keefe and Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, CNN wrote, “… the voice you ID’d tonight as ‘Marcus Mabry’ is actually GA resident & CNN General Counsel David Vigilante. We’re certain you’ll want to correct the record and apologize to the Black executive for assuming he was the voice raising concerns over white supremacy.”

The comment refers to a remark made by CNN General Counsel David Vigilante (mistakenly identified by Project Veritas as Marcus Mabry) about the “naked racism of Tucker Carlson.”

O’Keefe has since issued a correction. New footage from the calls continues to be released on Project Veritas’s social media channels.  

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