If you’re an influencer or social media creator in 2020 one of the most important things you should be looking at is, which management agencies and managers are worth looking into. If you’re serious about making social media a major part of your career or income, having a good manager is crucial. 

A manager will give you solid advice on your work, make sure that you’re taking your job as a creator seriously and be the second pair of eyes that is often the difference between a big deal or no deal. Rarely are influencers self-starters, so  without consistency and someone to push you the vast majority of creators will fall to the wayside without ever making even a nominal amount of money. 

Regardless of the number of followers they have, a following doesn’t necessarily equate to income.  So having a manager who is able to develop strategies,  bring in an income and create a growth plan is exactly what every serious creator needs. 

After checking out more than 100 managers and management agencies, this is  Scriberr Media’s “Top 5 Social Media Influencer Managers and Agencies” of 2020.

  1. Night Media – Michael Gordon (VP of Talent)

Michael Gordon is Night Media’s VP of Talent Management, spearheading Night Media’s Los Angeles Headquarters. Before joining Night Media, Gordon was the Director of Talent at Fullscreen Media for seven years, specializing in talent acquisition, talent management, multi-channel monetization, brand sales and original content. 

Gordon has previously worked with FaZe Clan, WorldStarHipHop, Tfue, Dallmyd and brands such as AT&T, Warner Media and the U.S. Navy. Gordon was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Gordon is most known for his work with YouTube celebrities Mr.Beast and ZHC, and can also be credited for the astounding success of  both of their careers.

Night Media is known as the premier management firm for A-list YouTubers. Their roster, just to name a few,  includes: Typical Gamer, Mr.Beast, ZHC, DALLMYD, Matt Stonie, Carter Sharer, and Gavin Magnus.

  1. Talent X Entertainment – Warren Lentz (CEO)

Warren Lentz is the Leading Talent and Influencer Marketing initiatives for TalentX Entertainment, which is one of the newest talent development managements focused on serving Gen Z and the next wave of creators.

Lentz is a seasoned talent expert, pairing entertainment and brand campaigns with influencers and traditional talent to create meaningfully messaged campaigns and content. He also holds a B.A. in Radio/Television/Film and a focus on Business and Marketing from Northwestern University. 

“I’ve worked in the representation business for years as well as video production and content strategy at WME and Yahoo,” says Lentz.

Talent X is one of the top influencer management agencies for TikTokers, and their roster includes: Bryce Hall, Gabby Murray, Nessa Barret, Griffin Johnson, Blake Grey, Noah Beck, Josh Richards and the Sway LA brand.

  1. Vivid Management – Trent Kelly (Talent Manager)

Trent Kelly is the mastermind behind our number 3 pick, Vivid Management. Kelly has worked with creators such as: Katelyn Elizabeth, Jackson Dean, Connor Lee, Caroline Gegory, JT Casey, Rhys Dawkins.

Vivid Management is a Social Media Talent Management company located in Brea, California. It is focused primarily on social media, and strives to support talent with a profound following while also achieving the client’s goals. Vivid offers a variety of services depending on the talent’s needs. 

Although Vivid takes their management very seriously, they also make the process fun and enjoyable for everyone who becomes a part of the team. “We are the vision and trust for the changing world of talent,” says Kelly.

  1. PopWrapped Entertainment Group – Zachary Jaydon (CEO)

Zachary Jaydon is the Founder and CEO of PopWrapped Entertainment Group, one of the world’s leading entertainment news and media brands. Since launching in 2009, PopWrapped has become one of the go-to properties for entertainment news, raking in millions of pageviews per month. 

Earlier this year, Jaydon introduced the world to The DreamLA, one of the most profitable and well-known creator houses in Los Angeles. The DreamLA has launched the careers of some of TikTok’s most well-known stars, including Tyler Schrage, brothers Chris Williams and Bryan Williams, Ashton Pavlow and more.

Despite the touring and entertainment industries being almost completely shut down due to COVID-19, Jaydon’s highly innovative and out-of-the-box thinking helped to generate seven figures in revenue for his clients just this year..

 In addition to social media creators, Jaydon also represents more traditional Hollywood talent, including “Hot Cop,” Daniel Rengering, the SWAT Officer responsible for one of the internet’s most-viral photos of 2017, and one of the stars of Survivor: David Vs. Goliath. Since 2017, Rengering has become one of the world’s most visible book cover models, (think, a more current Fabio) and is featured on the covers of more than 400 books.

Jaydon has worked on musical projects that have sold over 50-million copies, as well as working both in front of the camera, and behind-the-scenes on projects for Disney, CBS, ABC, Warner Bros. and more. His decades spanning career has given him the experience to guide his many client’s careers in a profitable direction, and help them to avoid many of the pitfalls that negatively affect much of young Hollywood.

PopWrapped has become one of the most sought-after influencer management agencies in Los Angeles. Due to their VIP client treatment,  Jaydon’s ability to drive incredible fan engagement for his clients and creating a hyper-awareness of previously unknown talent this team is one of the best. 

  1. Sun and Sky Entertainment (All Staff)

Sun and Sky Entertainment, a firm that has been around for over 15 years, works with a diverse group of entertainers and influencers as a VIP management firm. Sun and Sky signs influencers who are interested in growing their brand for the long-term and branching out to other areas such as music, touring, YouTube, brand creation, long term partnerships, television shows or other platforms. 

They have divisions such as television production, live concert production, live touring, and branding. Their other divisions include sponsorship sales, gaming, merch development,  YouTube, and a record label that is distributed by Warner Music Group/ADA. The firm tends to only sign clients that are willing to branch out to other areas and want to pursue a long-term creator career. 

From musicians, comedians, vloggers, gamers and other content creators, the firm is betting on long-term quality creators. Recently, they opened a content house in Miami (Squad House), which is being expanded nationwide. 

Some of the firm’s clients include: Beam Squad, Super Siah, Zayd Elie, Roke, Tommy Unold, The Driplets, AJR Brown, MonW0102, Kingmoxu, The Lawyer, Choctiv, Michael Luzzi, Alex Holem, Chunky, Ailee, Austin Giorgio and The Mako Girls.

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