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Tyler Boronski is a familiar face to both the social media and news industry. Boronski’s multimedia reporting career began when he accepted a job in the media department for the Bridgeport Bluefish in 2014. In addition to his responsibilities as an in-game camera operator and scoreboard assistant, Boronski took every opportunity to conduct personal interviews with professional baseball players then uploading the content to his YouTube channel. 

The Early Start

Boronski is no newcomer to the news industry, in fact, Boronski’s love for journalism came to be in his freshman year of high school (2014). It wasn’t till his sophomore year (2015) where it became a reality for him and had the opportunity to travel around the northeast (CT, NY, NJ, PA) interviewing minor league baseball players for his YouTube Channel

When Scriberr News asked about the beginning of his career Boronski said, “I grew up living near a minor league baseball ballpark and I remember watching ESPN one day and thinking, I live near a ballpark, why can’t I interview players like the reporters on ESPN do?” 

“I did it just for fun at first, but realized I could actually pursue this as a career in 10th grade.”

After high school, Boronski’s main priority was to find the best college for sports media. He ended up attending the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL where he was part of the first-ever graduating class of the program.

“I always tell people that my minor league baseball experience in high school gave me the understanding of how to interact with adults, hustle to make things happen, and learn to adjust to different situations at an early age. However I did not know what I was doing from a “reporter/interviewer” skill set until I got to Full Sail.” 

“My instructors and people like Dan Patrick, Bill Simmons, and Jay Harris (famous sportscasters) were the ones that taught me the fundamentals of how to produce a good interview,” said Boronski.

While Boronski studied at Full Sail, he still continued to set up interview opportunities for himself through his YouTube Channel. Boronski started to gradually increase his sports interviews, but this time with MLB & NBA players.

 “Living in Orlando is what exposed me to the entertainment field for the first time because of the various comic con and social media conventions around the area,” Boronski said. It was after this that led Boronski to decide that he wanted opportunities in both the sports & entertainment world.

The “TikTok Reporter”

Boronski was one of the first news-casters to be known for interviewing TikTokers and is most recognizable for covering them starting in early 2019. He has been known to interview some of the biggest TikTok stars including: Charli, Dixie, Chase Hudson, Kelianne Stankus, Tana Mongeau, Nick & Sienna and Ellie Zeiler.

It all started when he interviewed Charli & Dixie D’Amelio in December 2019 in Greenwich, CT at their meet & greet. 

“I had just moved back to CT from Florida for the time being and this event was not too far from where I lived. It just so happens myself and the D’Amelio family are both from CT,” Boronski said.

Screenshot: Tyler Boronski and Charli’s YouTube Interview

“I really didn’t know much about TikTok at all at the time, but I knew who Charli was, I knew she was big but had no clue she would get as popular as she is now at such a quick rate.”

After Boronski interviewed Charli he was hooked on learning about the “TikTok world” and interviewing people that were popular on the app. He even got a better understanding of the social media/TikTok world when he landed a position working closely with creators Mark Anastasio, Maximo Rivano and Luca Lombardo. Boronski helped them create and edit their YouTube Channel content.

“TikTok changed the game for social media. Unlike YouTube where in the past creators worked for years to see any sort of “audience,”TikTok gave creators an opportunity to gain a large audience fast.” 

The reasons why Boronski believes popular TikTok creators say yes to interviews with him is because of their following/success that happens so quickly. The entertainment world is still new to them and they haven’t been interviewed much, so it’s still “new” and “fun” for them.

Boronski focuses his conversations around branding, opportunities, stories, goals, etc. “It’s a more mature conversation,” said Boronski. 

A lot of people view TikTokers as just kids that do “dumb dances.” What people don’t give them enough credit for though is that they are entrepreneurs. Boronski provides them an opportunity to discuss topics to break that “stereotype” and show their “entrepreneurial mindset.” 

   Photo Courtesy: Tyler Boronski    

Where He is Now

Boronski currently works full-time at a sports TV network in Boston called The New England Sports Network, which has given him the opportunity to interview players on the Boston Red Sox. 

“My current goal is to continue getting more consistent “reporting” opportunities with NESN to cover the MLB, or the NBA,” said Boronski.

Boronski still continues to conduct his YouTube in the entertainment/digital space interviewing celebrity actors and popular social media creators. His goal right now for his channel is to work towards building up his subscriber count.

Photo Courtesy: Tyler Boronski

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