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After more than a week of investigations, the FBI has not ruled the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville an act of terror. The bomber, 63-year-old Anthony Warner, drove a recreational vehicle into downtown Nashville killing himself, injuring three others and damaging countless storefronts. 


According to local news outlets, business owners are particularly concerned about the outcome of the investigation as it affects insurance coverage of the damage incurred by the bombing. If the FBI’s assessment does cite the bombing as an act of terrorism, businesses without terrorism coverage may be left to pay for repairs on their own. 

Over 40 businesses were affected and authorities were seen accompanying owners into buildings to evaluate the effects. 


But the investigation has also prompted criticism of the FBI’s hesitation to label the suicide bombing a terrorist attack, calling it a “racial double standard”

“To those bending over backward to not call this an act of terror, if Warner had been a Muslim/immigrant/black, will you say the same thing or will you be one of the millions condemning not just him but his entire community,” Nashville City Councilwoman Zulfat Suara tweeted in regard to the investigation.

To determine an act of terror, the FBI considers both the motivation and the political ideology of the suspect. Although the FBI has not announced the motive of Warner, several people who knew the suspect turned over evidence of his beliefs. The full contents of the material have not been released.

Prior to the bombing, Warner sent packages to several acquaintances detailing his bizarre research and theories about 9/11, aliens and lizard people. Many of the materials sent by Warner have been handed over to the FBI and will be included in the investigation regarding his motive. 


The act, although not deemed terrorism, has sparked concern over lone wolf terrorism. Warner acted alone on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville.

In 2010, a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda began encouraging solo attacks and in 2016 they picked up when both Omar Mateen and Micah Johnson carried out mass shootings in Orlando and Dallas respectively. 

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