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Democrat Raphael Warnock made history in the Georgia Senate runoff election. With the defeat of incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler, Warnock is the first Democrat to win a Georgia senate seat in over 20 years and the first Black senator in state history. 


In an emotional victory speech, Warnock honored his mother who was a sharecropper in Georgia in the 1950s. 

“The 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody’s cotton went to the polls and picked her youngest son to be a United States senator,” Warnock said late Tuesday night. 

Warnock briefly detailed his rise from growing up in public housing with 12 children, to graduating from Morehouse College and serving as the youngest pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. also pastored. 

He gave his supporters a window into his own American dream saying, “So I come before you tonight as a man who knows that the improbable journey that led me to this place in this historic moment in America could only happen here.” 


Americans turn to the final senate race between Democrat John Ossoff and incumbent Republican David Perdue. With the addition of Warnock, the Republican Party has a slim majority of one seat, 50-49.  

As of Wednesday morning, the Associated Press reported Ossoff leads Perdue by less than a percentage point with 98% of the votes counted. Complete results should be announced within several hours. 

Although results have not been certified, Ossoff claimed victory and thanked Georgians for electing him in a speech early Wednesday. The Associated Press and NPR said the race is too early to call, but Perdue has not conceded to the Democrat’s remarks.  

If Ossoff continues to lead, the Democratic Party will assume majority after President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn in on Jan. 20. As Vice President, Harris would be the tie-breaking vote and give favor to Biden and the Democrats.

UPDATE 4:22 PM PST: Democrat Jon Ossoff is projected to defeat Republican incumbent Senator David Perdue.

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