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The South received up to nine inches of snow that caused more than 150,000 businesses and homes to lose electricity on Jan. 11.

On Sunday night, six inches of snow was documented across counties of Southern Texas. The National Weather Service of Midland, Texas, said on Twitter that parts of East and Southeast Texas received seven inches of snow and for people to be cautious of the freezing fog.

Louisiana closed down Interstate 49 and 220 due to a spike in car accidents caused by the storm.

According to The Advocate, Louisiana expected rainfall but not snow. On Jan. 11, they closed state government offices because of the sleet and snow. 

Jay Dardenne, the Commissioner of Administration, says that the agency will decide on what essential workers will remain active at alternative locations, meaning that all non-essential workers will stay home for the duration of the unsafe weather.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) recommended that people not travel because of the road conditions. 

“Roads may become hazardous tonight as snow blankets portions of the state,” DOTD said on Twitter on Jan. 10. “DOTD crews are busy working to apply salt to bridges & overpasses.”

CNN’s Meteorologist, Gene Norman, expects the snow to move out of Texas and head through southern Arkansas, north and central Louisiana, and then on to Mississippi and Alabama.

For some areas, this is record-breaking snowfall. National Weather Service Fort Worth said on Twitter that Waco, Texas received 4.4 inches of snow breaking the most significant snowfall in 1982, the 10th highest 24-hour snowfall event and a daily record of 1.1 inches set in 1973.
According to CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri, Jackson, Mississippi receives an average of one inch of snow every year. However, they are expected to receive three to four inches from this snowfall.

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