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In the first trading session since President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, the company saw shares fall over 12%. Facebook also saw a loss of 4.5%. But after two trading sessions, the companies saw a combined loss of $51.2 billion dollars in market value.


“After close review of recent tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them — specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter — we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” Twitter posted on their blog Friday night. 

Twitter experienced the billion dollar fallout from their decision Monday morning and watched share values decline ever since. The company responded to users and employees alike asking for the removal of the president from the platform after Trump came under scrutiny for his role in the riots at the Capitol earlier in the week.

Shareholders are concerned the indefinite ban will push users away from the platform. 


In the past few days, Facebook and YouTube followed Twitter’s lead by also banning Trump from their platforms. The companies feel allowing the president to remain on the apps poses a risk for additional violence.

After the ban took effect, Trump attempted to tweet from the @POTUS account which was subsequently taken down. Former national security advisor Michael Flynn and lawyer Sidney Powell were also barred from using Twitter. 

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    Wow! Social media moguls seem to be mystified as they squelch the free speech rights of 71 million Americans who JUST might have an itty, bitty problem with the total censorship of their views. What a conundrum for these media brain trusts! I’m sure if they just prohibit dissent all these “pesky” patriots will just disappear, much as abolitionists did in 1860. My saddest observation – 70% of millennials will never understand the analogy, the sarcasm or the need to rebel.

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    I will decide what I can and cannot read, not some social media account. I’m registered as a democrat, but what they are doing to Americans and people who supported the former President is just plain not American. I stopped using most social media as my way f protesting. If they decide that people, not them, determine what the receive and heart, then I may return. What disturbs me is they are banning people’s opinion. Sorry that our country is starting to head in this direction. I have written my Senators and Congress persons letting them know what I think. Again, I do not agree with many journalist and opinion makers and what they, but banning them in my mind is raw evil. I am concerned that this is happening in America. I am concerned we are losing our freedoms.

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