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Disney’s Executive Chairman, Bob Iger, and his wife, Willow Bay, donated $5 million to help local Los Angeles businesses. 

On Jan. 14, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the generous donation during a COVID-19 response video, among other important updates about the pandemic. 

“Thanks to an incredibly generous donation of $5 million from Willow Bay and Bob Iger, I’m proud to announce that 1,000 of our city’s hardest-hit businesses will come off that waiting list and be helped,” Garcetti said in the announcement.

“Your new commitment will help these businesses weather this storm, and we are beyond grateful for your bold leadership.”

Last March, Iger, and Bay made a $500,000 donation to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and others in the Los Angeles community to help with the pandemic impacts. 

The $5 million donations will help small businesses in Los Angeles stay afloat during the pandemic. Due to the Department of Public Health restrictions on businesses, especially restaurants, many are struggling to keep the lights on. 

Countless restaurants and businesses have closed permanently due to the stay at home orders set by the state and enforced through local governments. 

Garcetti thanked everyone who donated to the fund. 

“No matter who you are, no matter how much you have, you can make a difference as well,” Garcetti said in the announcement.

Garcetti’s announcement included information about President-elect Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, developing new COVID-19 vaccine sites, and the current statistics of cases in the Los Angeles area. 

He announced that Dodger Stadium would be used as a mega vaccination site starting Friday, Jan. 15. They will be able to vaccinate as many as 12,000 people every day. Since there is a shortage of vaccines, only healthcare workers and seniors living in nursing homes are currently eligible.

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