Ghislaine Maxwell has made a plea to be released from the Metropolitan Detention Center, since her arrest last July. She is being held for recruiting girls for sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. 

Her alleged partner, Epstein, was arrested in July 2016 for sex trafficking dozens of minors in both New York and Florida. Epstein later hung himself in his prison cell before he could face trial.

Maxwell was denied bail when she was first arrested over the summer because prosecutors feared she was a flight risk. Later in December, Maxwell was denied bail again for the same reason. On Jan. 3 Maxwell’s lawyers presented a new bail package. 

This included Maxwell and her husbands full assets, $22.5 million and agreeing to stay in a confined apartment in New York City, which would be on 24/7 surveillance. This plea was denied by prosecutors due to the fear that Maxwell is still a flight risk because of her immense wealth and citizenship in the US, UK, and France. 

Maxwell is being kept in a high security prison, with intense surveillance and protection. She is living in solitary confinement, under the most restricting conditions. She has a surveillance camera in her cell, as well as a camera that follows her movement during her short periods of time outside her cell. Maxwell is also checked on every 15 minutes to ensure she is still breathing. 

Following Ghisline Maxwell’s first bail denial, victim Virginia Guffree, an outspoken survivor of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s, tweeted, “Ghislaine Maxwell is sensibly kept under lock & key behind bars, where she belongs.” 

Written ByHaley Weger

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