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After the Capitol riots last week, President-elect Joe Biden will require extra security for the upcoming Inauguration Day. Army Secretary, Ryan McCarthy, made the decision on Jan. 12 to provide armed National Guardsmen outside the Capitol.

Videos of thousands of National Guardsmen preparing to secure and guard the Capitol are now circulating on social media. These videos show the troops moving toward the Capitol with “racks of M4 rifles” and other protective gear. 

“National Guard members are postured to meet the requirements of the supported civil authorities, up to and including protective equipment and being armed if necessary,” the D.C. Guard said, according to The Hill.

By Inauguration Day there will be an estimate of over 20,000 armed National Guardsmen to provide security for Biden and everyone else involved. While the official number will be set by the Secret Service, this is over 5,000 more Guardsmen than military officials projected earlier this week.

While around 10,000 more guards are expected to arrive over the weekend, thousands of them have already stationed inside the Capitol. Reporters inside tweeted pictures of the troops sleeping with their weapons close by

Prior to the Jan. 6 riot, officials were trying to minimize guard presence due to backlash caused by their involvement in protests over last summer. But after last weeks’ event as well as  threats of more violence to come officials believe that bringing in the National Guard is the best option. 

In addition to the troops, there has also been a 7-foot  fence built around the Capitol, along with surrounding government buildings. This fence is said to be “non-scalable.” 

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