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The pandemic continues to curb in-person celebrations around the world, including Martin Luther King Junior Day. Many people are logging in online to engage in service opportunities and observe the life of a leader dedicated to the fight for racial equality. 


Despite the violent riot that took place at the Capitol, people in D.C. are coming together to watch the 40th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Parade on YouTube. The event began at 12 p.m. and is still available to watch online.

ABC7 also put together a special which aired at 4 p.m. in light of the parade going virtual to honor King’s legacy. 

MLK Holiday DC is taking donations here. 


The Martin Luther King Junior Commission of Mid-Michigan hosted King’s daughter Dr. Bernice King as their guest speaking during Day of Celebration

Chair of the commission Elaine Hardy said King’s message is more important now than ever. 

“He really was an agitator, and he understood that he needed to remind America of the promise that she was to all people, but how that promise was denied for poor people and Black people,” Hardy said

“And he did so very forcefully and with some very plain language.”


Seattle’s 39th Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration march, “Good Trouble Necessary Trouble,” began at 11 a.m. from Garfield High School. Organizers encouraged participants to wear a mask that covers their face and to social distance. 

The route of the rally was not shared in advance “due to concern for safety” in light of recent events in and around Seattle. 
The Seattle MLK Coalition also offered workshops leading up to the march to reflect on themes of white supremacy, racism, anti racism and police brutality.

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