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Just days after the riots at the Capitol, a 31-year-old woman intentionally drove her car into a barricade outside of the Trump Tower in Chicago on Jan. 12 at approximately 4 a.m.

According to the Chicago Police Department, she was driving a Honda sedan in the 400 block of North Wabash Avenue, when she purposely hit the police barrier outside of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. The woman remains unnamed, but has been taken into custody. She sustained no injuries, and nobody else at the scene was reported injured. 

A man nearby the scene said he heard the woman “claiming she wanted to run into the building cause she doesn’t agree with Trump.” The incident came shortly after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in the middle of the Electoral College vote. 

Since the attack on the Capitol, the FBI has started over 160 investigations on rioters involved. Many have been arrested, but not all of the people involved have been found. 

The FBI warned that the attack on the Capitol would be a “significant driver of violence.” Federal authorities believe that there could be more violent acts similar to the intentional crash into the police barrier, and the attack on the Capitol, at the presidential inauguration next week. 

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