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Japanese officials quickly shut down rumors that the Olympic Games, set to be held this summer, would be canceled. 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) tweeted out a statement on Jan. 22 saying, “Some news reports circulating today are claiming that the Government of Japan has privately concluded that Tokyo Olympics will have to be canceled because of the coronavirus. This is categorically untrue.”

“We clearly deny the report,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Manabu Sakai agreed.


The Times of London published an article quoting an anonymous source who said the rising COVID-19 cases would make it too hard to move forward with the Olympics this year.  

“No one wants to be the first to say so but the consensus is that it’s too difficult,” the person claiming to be a senior member of the ruling government coalition said. “Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen.


The Tokyo Olympic Games were scheduled to start July 29, 2020 but were postponed ten months after a deadly surge of coronavirus cases worldwide. The games will now open July 23, 2021 and have full support of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. 

President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, appeared on Kyodo News to set the record straight.

“We have at this moment, no reason whatsoever to believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not open on the 23rd of July in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo,” Bach said on Kyodo News. 

“This is why there is no plan B and this is why we are fully committed to make these games safe and successful.”

The IOC also said that although the games will be different they are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment.

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