A Polk County deputy was arrested on Jan. 19 for written threats made towards government officials involved in the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. 

29-year-old, Deputy Peter Heneen, was arrested for making threats against federal law-enforcement officers and charged with a second-degree felony for “written threat of a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.” 

Heneen used Facebook messenger to communicate with another deputy about the capitol riots when he began making the threats. The deputy officer reported Heneen to his commanding officer, saying he was worried about his friend’s mental state. 

Heneen made the threats towards all federal government officials after a Capitol officer shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, one of the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. 

Heneen made death threats towards the federal government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Need to make D.C. streets run red with the blood of these tyrants — should have drug those tyrants out in the street and executed them,” Heneen said in the Facebook messages. “I’ll f—ing kill these people. F— the federal government. The FBI are corrupt. They’re all corrupt… I’ll f—ing kill them all… I have my s— next to my bed ready to go.”

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, addressed the incident in a press conference on Jan. 19.

“Having him arrested was important,” Judd said in a press conference. “Having him arrested before Inauguration Day was even more important.”

“Our deputy who reported this is a hero. That deputy did the right thing — he gave us information on a written threat of a mass shooting or act of terrorism.”

“Let me say this, when you have 320 million people in a country, you’re always going to have conspiracy theorists, you’re always going to have people who don’t agree with the outcome of the horse race, the football game or the election,” Judd said. 

“It’s clear who won the election, and that is President-elect Biden, who is taking office tomorrow.”

Judd also said that all sheriff’s office employees go through strict background checks that include psychological evaluations and polygraph testing. Heneen passed his background check, but did have minor disobedience problems involving his uniform at work. 

No evidence shows a connection between Heneen and any hate groups, nor did he attend the Capitol riots.

Written ByLauren Akabori

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