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The five freeway and Grapevine reopened with escorts. Closures at Pine Canyon and Lake Hughes are still in effect. 

The five freeway was closed early Wednesday morning due to snow. The closure extends to the Grapevine, California’s main road from the Central Valley. Caltrans says “motorists are advised to use an alternate route.” 

The closure comes as a storm warning was issued for Southern California. Heavy rainfall is forecasted to begin Thursday and into Friday, moving from Ventura County into the Los Angeles area. Residents are advised to watch for flash flood warnings and be aware of icy road conditions. 


Eleven people and two dogs became stuck on an icy road due to the Grapevine closure late Tuesday night. The group was rescued by the Santa Clarita Valley Search and Rescue team Wednesday morning around 2 a.m. 

The cars said they were redirected because of the road closure and became stuck in the snow. A semi-truck then jackknifed behind them and the group could not turn around. No injuries were reported. 

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