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TikTok is predominantly associated with dancers like Charli or Addison, and public reaction videos like Tommy Unold or Chotiv. Danim (24) though is one of the first TikTokers to come up with the idea to cover trending songs while putting his own spin on them. Danim’s videos have garnered him more than 7 million followers across social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Born in Ukraine, but mainly raised in Canada, Danim moved to China for 4 years to pursue his career. Danim told Scriberr News that living all over the world shaped his “unique appearance and music style in the entertainment industry being able to see the different music scenes.”

“My first year of posting online was unsuccessful, I had got little attention and wasn’t viral for a long time.” 

The (now) TikTok star was going through heavy anxiety while trying to conquer the internet at the time. Friends and people around him thought he was crazy for dedicating so much time singing and making crazy videos that included bright backgrounds (a style that was unheard of at the time, but later proved them wrong).

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While Danim’s videos didn’t hit an instant viral sensation, his thoughts and dreams of being TikTok’s “next big thing” were slowly fading. 

“I had one last video recorded and edited before I told his friends I was going to quit,” Danim jokingly said. 

The video in question turned out to be his first successful TikTok and from there he kick started his career as a social media entertainer. 

“It’s true when they say people give up one step from success. I took my last shot and it appeared to be successful, I encourage everyone to never give up on themselves and keep fighting for their right to be who they want to be and to let the world know about you.”

While the young social media star was bullied in school for always trying to be different from others, he also encourages people to fight for the right to be who you are and who you want to be. Now All of Danim’s videos on TikTok get a plethora of attention from viewers on TikTok. His biggest TikTok video has over 50 million views, with a baseline average of most of his videos hitting one million views.

Danim’s main goal is to, “inspire people around the world to chase their dreams and find their true purpose in life.” Through his content, he brings more colors and happiness to people’s lives day by day.

Photo Courtesy: Danim

Danim’s new song, Juice Girl is about a secret personality that he found to be extremely confident and self-aware of. The plot of the song is about an independent girl that works hard, buys her own cars and enjoys every moment of life.

Danim’s inspiration for the song came from when he had met a girl back in China. Stay tuned for “Juice Girl” available on all platforms Feb. 1.

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