Self-proclaimed, uncensored, cannabis-connoisseurs and sex positive single moms who go by Erica and Milah, are the digital content creators behind the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast. These two girl bosses created a program that inspires and motivates single moms all while challenging societal norms. 

In an exclusive interview with Scriberr News, we discussed manifestation, single mother stereotypes, dating apps, manifesting partners, self-love, aligning with your purpose, support networks and the transition to motherhood. 

“The pandemic really allowed us to sit our ass down and focus, to get shit done,” Erica said.

They manifested their podcast, so naturally, they refuse to let even the pandemic get in their way of accomplishing their goals. 

“When you find the path you’re supposed to be on, nothing, not even a pandemic and other jobs or children can stop you,” Milah said.

Maintaining the motivation to manifest during a pandemic seems easier said than done. That’s why Erica takes it day by day, knowing we are all going through the same thing. 

Milah said prioritizing by eliminating distractions is one of the first steps to achieve tasks during this season. 

“It made it really clear, who and what was a distraction because you can only do limited things, you really have to prioritize,” Milah said.

Erica said releasing expectations and setting intentions is how she chooses to navigate through life. 

“If I learned anything from 2020 it’s to not have expectations, you make plans and God laughs at them,” Erica said. 

Society places single mothers in their own separate category, oftentimes labeling them as poor and desperate. 

“I think there’s a stigma that single moms are super desperate. All the moms at the school think that you’re trying to snatch their man, like you’re trying to find a new daddy for your kid,” Milah said.

 When asked about stereotypes of being a single mother, dating came to mind. 

“Somehow for someone without a child, dating life is more poppin’ than ours, because it’s just not the truth. My dating life might not be successful, but I’m out here,” Erica said. 

A study led by Shelley Taylor at the University of California Los Angeles, suggests that stress due to conflict in relationships leads to increased inflammation levels in the body. Both physically and psychologically, social connection is experienced as positive and rejection or loneliness as negative.

“I think it’s about human connection, we all want love, we all crave partnership, whether you’re a parent or not,” Erica said.

While we all crave human connection, society views single parents as less than, Erica said.  

“There’s this level of desperation that I think surrounds the idea of being a single parent,” Erica said.

“You know like women in their 30’s who haven’t had a kid and people start asking you when you’re gonna have a kid? It’s like the same thing when you become a single parent, except, when are you going to find your husband, when are you going to find your partner,” Erica said.

Single or married, moms both face their own set of challenges, often losing themselves in the process. 

“They’re so detached from their personal identities, that their family, their marriage and their children have become their identity,” Milah said. 

Erica and Milah believe it’s possible to manifest your partner, and dating apps make it easier.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of Americans (54%) say relationships that initiated on a dating site or app are just as successful as those that begin in person.

“I think with dating apps, I don’t have a lot of expectation, so when it goes great it’s like f*** yeah, and when it doesn’t it’s like, ‘well it’s a dating app,’” Erica said, adding that she manifested a man from a dating app. 

According to Erica and Milah, one of the first steps to manifesting what you want is to write it all down. 

“It’s kind of like God telling you you’re on the right path and you’re doing the right thing, so it kind of reinsures our witchiness and our power to manifest,” Milah said.

“The power of the mind and the power of the law of attraction is so real. Once you believe in your own power, you’ll continue to see how it grows,” Milah said.

Erica creates lists that include her likes, wants, passions, and the power of attraction. 

According to The Law of Attraction, following these three basic steps will help you achieve your goals: be specific, write it down, and review it sensibly.

“Being aligned with your purpose means you have to be authentic with yourself, know yourself and love all those parts,” Milah said.

A common thread amongst mothers is the importance of a support network. 

“Alone time is so crucial to connecting back to yourself and that’s why for stay-at-home moms a tribe is so important,” Erica said. “Having the people and community to support you and support your journey back to yourself, is so crucial,” Erica said. 

Written ByAshton Byers

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