Photo via Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Department

Stinnett Police Chief, Jason Collier, was arrested on Jan. 28 charged with tampering a government document. Collier was arrested by Texas Rangers and taken to Hutchinson County Jail. 

Collier is now out on bond, which was set at $10,000; he has since resigned from his position as police chief.

The investigation into Collier began after a woman posted on Facebook, claiming she was involved with the former police chief. This post from Cecily Steinmetz went viral, leading to multiple accusations of infidelity and extramarital affairs. 

Steinmetz’s post includes multiple pictures of her with Collier, and even a picture of a fake annulment document. This forged government document was the reason he was arrested.

Cecily Steinmetz says this scandal all started with a picture of her and Collier on Facebook, which she assumed to be harmless. 

The next morning, she woke up to a message from a close friend claiming she had seen Collier before and was friends with his wife on Facebook.

Collier had a picture of him and Steinmetz hanging in his office, met her family and even asked her to pick out an engagement ring. She confronted him about his marriage, to which he presented the fake marriage annulment. 

Steinmetz found out the document was fake after making a public record request, and her findings led to his arrest. 

She ended their relationship, but later found out he was dating multiple women at the same time as her. Steinmetz said she did not feel comfortable with his lies as a police chief, so decided to post her story on Facebook. She later found out that he was in relationships with seven different women during their time together. 

Multiple Facebook groups have been made to talk about the scandal,  one even called the “Jason Collier Netflix Series.”

The group’s rules state “This page is here to discuss the shady side of what one man did to several women. To provide proof when found.” Many people are also talking about the story on Twitter and Facebook, using #JasonCollier.

Written ByHaley Weger

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