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When it comes to content houses, most come and go, like the infamous Hype House or Sway House, but most houses seem to only last so long before members get into fights and disband from one-another.

However, CEO of ConnectHER Media, Laura Filipowicz, came up with the unique idea to start a luxury “pop-up content house” as a way for creators to collaborate ahead of one of the biggest social media events of the year, Playlist Live.

Filipowicz is no new player to the game as she has been in the event planning and media marketing industry for over 20 years. She has hosted events such as: The Gen Z Social Summit, Bag Lady Promotions, ConnectHER Conference, and more. 

Filipowicz also founded Z-Star Digital Agency, which is a multimedia influencer and creator digital agency. She has even been dubbed the “Gen Z Mom” by influencers and creators alike.

The conveniently named “The House at Playlist” is the first-ever 23,000 square foot luxury multi-level, multi-industry, pop-up content house located in Orlando, FL. 

The house is being organized by none other than ConnectHER Media and Vol Management with sponsors such as, The Club Malibu 27, Far Out Toys. 

When picking the house’s creators, ConnectHER Media and Vol Management wanted to choose creators from all ends of the entertainment industry to make the experience diverse as possible.

The selection of creators includes: Caden Outlaw, Rachel Brockman, Madi Filipowicz, Ashley Wicka, Bryce Mckenzie, Cole Allison, Cyp and Tyler Ashton.

Courtesy of Z-Star Digital Agency

“The House at Playlist” is set to host twenty creators from various social media platforms and backgrounds. House partner and manager, Evan Urquhart, told Scriberr News.

“I partnered with ConnectHER media on this project after realizing the opportunities the house can bring to creator’s careers. I want to see creators succeed and grow their platforms to the best ability possible.”

Playlist Live brings in more than 20,000 creators for the three days the event takes place. Make sure to keep up with Z-Star Digital Agency and Vol Management for any updates regarding “The House At Playlist.”

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