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Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as the “QAnon Shaman”, is facing charges of violent entry, disorderly conduct and obstruction of an official proceeding

In an interview with the BBC, he said the Capitol riot was “patriots doing what our founding fathers would have done.”

Chansley was arrested shortly after Jan. 6. 

“I trust in God and I know that I didn’t do anything wrong… even if I was arrested, wasn’t Gandhi arrested a lot? Wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr. arrested a lot? Wasn’t Jesus arrested? I put my trust in God, not the government,” said Chansley.

Chansley pleaded not guilty on his arraignment on Jan. 29. His lawyer, Albert Watkins, said his client “regrets very, very much having not just been duped by the president but by being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position to make decisions he should not have made.” 

Watkins has continued to back his client with statements holding former President Trump responsible for what took place. 

“What’s really curious is the reality that our president, as a matter of public record, invited these individuals, as President, to walk down to the Capitol with him,” said Watkins.

“Like tens of millions of other Americans, Chansley felt — for the first time in his life — as though his voice was being heard… Given the peaceful and compliant fashion in which Mr. Chansley comported himself, it would be appropriate and honorable for the president to pardon Mr. Chansley and other like-minded, peaceful individuals who accepted the president’s invitation with honorable intentions.” 

Watkins said Chansley would be willing to testify at former President Trump’s impeachment trial in February. However, he has not talked to anyone in the Senate about having his client testify. 

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