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Biden won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast, in the 2020 Presidential Election. It is the highest number of votes any presidential candidate has ever received.

However, there’s a clear divide between Biden voters, and not everyone who voted for him shares the same ideologies as to what they saw in him while he ran for president and what they hope to see from his administration. 

After interviewing people across the country, from Georgia to California, it’s clear that there was one shared belief in why they voted for Bidenthere was no other alternative. 

“The reason that I voted for Biden was out of fear that Donald Trump would get another four years and that our democracy really wouldn’t recover from it,” Kelly Priest, a democratic voter born in Alabama who later relocated to California, told Scriberr News.

Is Biden Progressive Enough?

One of the most prominent differences between Biden voters is their take on his progressiveness. This could be seen in the variety of candidates Biden voters originally supported in the primaries, which ranged from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden himself.

Katie Suzuki, an independent voter residing in New York, explained why she supported Biden despite being registered as an independent. 

“I voted for Biden, because he’s not Trump. I think that there weren’t necessarily any policies or things that he was advocating for that really caught my eye,” Suzuki told Scriberr News. 

“I would have voted for Bernie if he was [the nominee]. I don’t identify as a Democrat, but I think in terms of getting Trump out of office. That was something that was important for me.” 

Although many voters argued Biden wasn’t progressive enough to their liking, there was another side of his constituents who believed that his policies were progressive enough for what the country needed right now.

Madeleine Sibert, a data scientist residing in California but born and raised in Georgia, described her take on what it’s like to see a candidate like Biden on the national stage.

“Joe Biden, is one of the, if not the most progressive candidates that’s ever been up for election that I could vote for on a national level,” Sibert told Scriberr News. 

“And so I feel like actually excited about a lot of these platforms. And so I was not only just voting against Donald Trump, I do believe I was voting for Joe Biden as well.”

Sibert continued to explain how growing up in Atlanta, Georgia shaped her perspective on what being “progressive” means.

“Rather than having conversations about how much childcare should we have or how much to raise the minimum wage, it felt like constantly having a conversation about whether childcare is worth it [or] should we raise the minimum wage, is racism a thing? And those are fundamentally different conversations to be having,” Sibert said

“So, I also acknowledge that he probably feels way more progressive just because I’m so used to fighting to have those conversations with a lot of people.”

Kate Weaver, born and raised in Kentucky and currently a student at Duke University School of Law, also described how being in a red state shaped the conversations around Biden.

“There’s a lot of compromise I think that we have to do in Kentucky that I think people in other states don’t have to do,” Weaver told Scriberr News. 

“I think I’m more appreciative of Joe Biden than I think some people are in more solidly blue states because I’m used to that being the kind of politician that we can put up in Kentucky when versus in a more solidly blue state team probably lose to someone that’s more blue.”

What Do You Want To See From the Biden Administration?

Biden voters also differ in what they want the administration to focus on during their first term. Climate change, the pandemic response, the reunification of kids with their parents at the border and healthcare legislation were the most popular topics voters wanted Biden’s administration to address. 

There were other issues that Biden supporters wanted to focus on that directly correlated to former President Donald Trump’s experience in office. 

Multiple voters talked about the need to address the “post-truth” era and restoring faith in the media and administration. Jennifer Price, a registered democrat in California, believes it was“dangerous” that the former administration ignored facts, and she hoped the Biden administration would restore trust in these facts.

Elizabeth Grubb, the president of UC Berkeley’s democratic club, Cal Dems, also discussed the need to create more ”ethical guardrails” within the government and, more specifically, the White House. Issues such as nepotism and conflict of interest are two issues that she believes need to be addressed after the Trump administration.

What Is Something You Wish Trump Voters Understood About Your Vote for Biden? 

Interviewees provided a wide variety of responses to this question. Some said they had nothing to say to Trump supporters, while others focused on the importance of preserving democracy and bridging the gap between Trump and Biden voters.

“I would want Trump voters to know that my vote for Biden was not only for his policies, my vote provided was restoring faith in democracy,” Grubb said.

 “And I think part of that is, is [a] democracy that better serves every American. So, you know, I disagree with those Trump voters on a lot of things, but I really do think he [Biden] wants to improve this country for every one of their partisan affiliations.”

Priest said her vote for Biden was “not because I hate them.”

“I don’t want to destroy them. I want to defeat their bad ideas about government, but I want the changes that I would like for Biden to bring about to benefit all of us.”

Lucas Wilson, an immigrant from Brazil who lived in both Alabama and California, emphasized the importance of empathy in voting and creating a better life for all people.

“I want them [Trump voters] to remember that America is for everybody [and] that America is for all citizens,” Wilson said. “And I want them to be able to put themselves in the shoes of others, less fortunate than them.”

Chris Price, a retired recruiter based in California, summarized what he believes are the most important aspects for Trump supporters to understand about his vote for Biden.

“Competency, decency and truth matters,” Price said. 

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