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Multiple women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against American singer Marilyn Manson.

Manson posted a statement on his Instagram account denying the abuse allegations made on Feb. 1 by multiple former partners. Manson calls the allegations “horrible distortions of reality.”

Former fiance, Evan Rachel Wood was the first to accuse Manson of abusive behavior via  Instagram. In her post she wrote, “The name of my abuser is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson.”

“He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years,” the post read.

“I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent,” Wood wrote

Following her post, other women took to Instagram to share their stories of the alleged abuse. Wood reposted at least eight of the stories the victims shared to her own Instagram story.

The other women shared allegations of  sexual assault, psychological abuse, and/or various forms of coercion, violence, and intimidation. Four of the other women who spoke out publicly were Ashley Walters, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Linsday Morgan, and Gabriella aka SourGirrrl.

All four say they suffer from PTSD along with other various lasting mental health problems. 

Following her original post, Wood posted an image of a letter written by California senator Susan Rubio to her Instagram. The letter was to the acting US Attorney General, Monty Wilkinson, requesting “the US Department of Justice meet with the alleged victims immediately and investigate these accusations”.

Manson and Wood met when he was 36 and she was 18. They began dating less than two years later and were engaged briefly in 2010. 

Wood had spoken out about abuse from an ex-boyfriend in the past, but had not revealed a name. In 2018, Wood testified before a House Judiciary Subcommittee to try to get the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights passed in all 50 states. She testified about her experience under her abuser, but did not give a name. 

In 2009, in an article in Spin, Manson said “I have fantasies every day about smashing her [Wood] skull in with a sledgehammer.” 

Thinking about he and Woods’s then-recent breakup, he added: “Every time I called her that day — I called 158 times — I took a razorblade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands. I look back and it was a really stupid thing to do.”

Following the allegations, Manson was dropped by his record label, Loma Vista Recordings. He had been working with the label since 2015, when he released the album The Pale Emperor. 

The label released a statement on Twitter saying they would “cease to further promote his current album effective immediately,” and would “not work with Marilyn Manson on any future projects.”

Manson will also be removed from his role on the Starz show “American Gods.” He was scheduled to appear in one more episode later this season, but the network has decided to eliminate his character. 
He was also set to appear in the 2021 AMC series, Creepshow, but the network says the episode he starred in will no longer air.

Written ByHaley Weger

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