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New York City survived a major winter storm that brought 17.2 inches of snow to Central Park. Mayor Bill de Blasio lifted the ban on non-essential travel, opened schools for in-person learning and reopened outdoor dining. 

De Blasio asked New Yorkers to stay off the roads as snow removal continues. Both subways and commuter railways are open and running. Many residents with cars are still digging out their vehicles. 

After shoveling snow off of his car for over an hour, New York resident Jace Carter finally got to the grocery store. 

“I’m beat,” Carter told the New York Times. “But it’s New York. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

This snow storm was the biggest since 2016 when a blizzard brought over 27.5 inches to Central Park. 


Flurries of snow are still drifting down on the Northeast, but that does not stop New Yorkers from dining outside. Restaurants are open and in compliance with the governors COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Children return to in-person learning after two days of remote schooling today.

Written ByAshley Grams

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