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About 70 candidates for New York City Council seats are pushing to remove police officers altogether from the city’s public schools. 

The push to remove police is based on last year’s argument that changing safety supervision in schools from the New York Police Department to the Department of Education did not do enough.

The student-led advocacy group, Urban Youth Collaborative, created a pledge of sign-ons that calls to remove all police officials from New York City public schools and not transfer supervision to the Department of Education. 

The pledge also asks for metal detectors to be removed from public schools and to re-address the police protocol for mental health crises on campuses. 

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There was a plan proposed last year to remove police officers from schools and transfer the school safety supervision over to the department of education. This plan, however, will take years to complete. 

Adolfo Abreu, a city council candidate in the Bronx’s District 14, said the prior “commitment” to making adequate change did not happen. 

“In the last budget, we got a ‘commitment’ of shifting resources,” Abreu said. “They just did a switcharoo … there wasn’t a real divestment from the school safety division.”

According to budget documents, 5,511 school safety agents will continue as NYPD employees for the next year.

Students told New York Daily News that having police officers monitor safety in school creates a “trapped“ feeling in school.

Jade Entien, A 16-year-old from Bronx, New York, told New York Daily News, “since they patrol the hallways, it feels kind of stuffy, like trapped-ish.”

The pledge currently has 68 city council candidate supporters who have signed.

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