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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis went after Twitter, Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley tech companies claiming they are violating privacy and neutering political candidates’ access to voters, specifically, those in Florida. 

“These platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections and have negatively impacted Americans who descend from orthodoxies favored by the Big Tech cartel,” said DeSantis from the Florida State Capitol.

DeSantis mentioned the role Twitter and Facebook played after the Capitol Hill insurrection when they made the decision to suspend Trump from their platforms permanently. A point he believes that proves Big Tech is “de-platforming” Republican politicians only.

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The governor suggested a $100,000 daily fine for any company that de-platforms any political candidate. However, in 2018, during DeSantis’ run for governor, Trump amplified the governor’s campaign through social media.

Additionally, DeSantis took aim at Amazon for getting rid of Parler, a largely conservative-populated social media platform, for a short period of time.

“You don’t like Parler? Then don’t read it…let’s not have those choices made for us, or before long we will have nothing more than someone else’s choices imposed upon us by a bunch of monopolies whose core business is to sell advertising,” said DeSantis.

DeSantis has gotten support from Senator Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby) and House Representative Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor) on the need for action against Big Tech by the Florida Legislature.

Another Floridian, Senator Perry Thorton (D-Fort Lauderdale) said that DeSantis is a hypocrite for going after Big Tech.

“He’s more concerned about protecting Parler and right-wing social media platforms from Twitter, but not Black Lives Matter. He doesn’t care about their First Amendment rights. I guess it depends whose First Amendment rights are being thwarted, whether he’s going to stand up for them or no,” said Thorton.

DeSantis suspects that because Big Tech permanently suspended Donald Trump from different social media platforms, a new wave of Big Tech manipulating written, visual or auditory news will find different ways to advocate the candidates of their choice instead of covering each nationwide race fairly.

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