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Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer officially announced his run for governor of California on Feb. 2.

Faulconer, who is a Republican, served two terms as the Mayor of San Diego.

According to an announcement on his website, Faulconer is running for Governor “to restore California’s promise of liberty, equality, and opportunity.”

One of Faulconer’s motives for running is due to Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s “broken promises.” Newsom is also under heavy scrutiny as the “Recall Newsom” movement reaches 1.4 million signatures, just 100,000 away from triggering a recall election.

“California has so much promise. But Gavin Newsom’s broken promises have become our problems. His leadership is failing our state,” Faulconer said in a tweet

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“It’s time for the California Comeback. I’m excited to officially launch my campaign for Governor. Join me.”

The majority of his campaign is based on criticizing Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s actions.

A Republican hasn’t been elected to the Governor’s office since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second term in 2006.

Faulconer officially announced his campaign on Tuesday with a video showing him getting off a school bus and giving a speech outside of a public school that remains closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Since Faulconer’s campaign announcement, there has been a mix of opinions about the former mayor running for Governor of California.

Many of the critics are from San Diego and share his not-so-good moments as the city’s mayor.

CEO and Editor in Chief of Voice of San Diego, Scott Lewis, responded to a tweet about Faulconer.

“Hi, you may have just heard Kevin Faulconer is running for governor,” Lewis said in a tweet. “Here is a series of pieces we did about his leadership as mayor of the city of San Diego.”

Lewis refers to the series of articles published on Voice of San Diego about Faulconer’s history as mayor.

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