The World Health Organization (WHO) sent a team of investigators to Wuhan, China to further study the origins of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Their most intriguing stop is a virology lab, where former President Donald Trump suggested the virus began, however, his claims were quickly deemed unsubstantiated by critics. 

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Media personnel swarmed Peter Daszak and his 13 person team as they arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to meet with Dr. Shi Zhengli, a researcher focused on bat coronaviruses. 

Daszek thanked members of the media for paying attention to the work his team is doing and assured the public they would communicate their new knowledge in the near future.

“Thanking the press for their patience and interest in getting this news out to the world,” Daszak tweeted after leaving the lab. “The work is moving ahead & we look forward to being able to talk about the results as soon as possible.”


Shi is a notable virus hunter known for her expeditions into bat caves which quickly earned her the nickname “Bat Woman.” She was among the first to isolate the rare coronavirus strain which causes COVID-19 last year. 

Scientists agree that a bat first carried SARS-Cov-2, which causes the virus now known as COVID-19 and eventually infecs a human host. Shi rejects the idea the virus was curated in a lab and then “leaked” among her city. Instead, she says it started in the wild. 

“Extremely important meeting today with staff at WIV including Dr Shi Zhengli. Frank, open discussion. Key questions asked & answered,” Deszek said in a tweet following a three and a half-hour meeting with Shi.

The WHO said their team will be limited in who they contact due to safety concerns and to honor their Chinese hosts. After a 14 day quarantine period, the team will have two weeks to complete their mission in China before consolidating their results. 

Written ByAshley Grams

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