New York Times tech reporter, Taylor Lorenz, falsely accused tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen of using the “r-word” on the  Clubhouse app Feb. 5.

“[Marc Andreessen] just openly using the r-slur on Clubhouse tonight and not one other person in the room called him on it or saying anything,” Lorenz claimed in a now-deleted tweet. 

Clubhouse is a rapidly growing “audio only” social media app which connects creators, entrepreneurs, investors and those alike by having sessions where individuals can share tips and tricks about the industry they are in.

While Clubhouse is still a very exclusive app due to its beta stage, they have strict community guidelines which states that users cannot “transcribe, record, or otherwise reproduce and/or share information obtained in Clubhouse without prior permission.” 

It is unclear if Lorenz was in the room at the time or if she possibly broke guidelines in order to accuse Andreessen. 

This is not the first time Lorenz has sparked controversy online. Lorenz is known for writing controversial exposes such as her New York Times piece titled “Trying to Make It Big Online? Getting Signed Isn’t Everything,” which targeted Ari Jacobs, CEO of Influences. She was also involved in partaking in what Fox news called a “Hit job on conservative family” in 2018.

Nait Jones, who was the moderator of the Clubhouse chat, rebutted Lorenz’s accusation by tweeting his side of the story. 

As of Sunday, Lorenz deleted her tweet after Jones corrected her. Instead of apologizing for falsely accusing Andreessen, she rerouted her “flight-path” to attack the entire Clubhouse group for using the unethical term, even though they were referring to a collective of redditors.

“Thanks for clarifying that it was Felicia saying that word, rather than Marc as many in the room heard it. I hope you can understand how some people in the room felt hearing it,” Lorenz tweeted in response to Jones.

Pop culture entertainment company PopWrapped also tweeted a response about Lorenz’s actions on Sunday. 

Lorenz was contacted via email for a comment but did not respond by press deadline. She has also now made her Twitter account private.    

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    Great reporting. The truth will prevail. Excited to share my story soon.

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    OMG, what unacceptable behavior from an NYT reporter!!! We need to rethink where our news comes from.

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