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While many 13-year-olds were focused on playing video games and hanging out with friends, entrepreneur Ozzy (Oz) Marriott, 17, was selling candy to his friends.

Most kids that are in seventh grade don’t have many opportunities to make money besides the obvious walking dogs or baby-sitting, but when Marriott was at an arcade one day after school he was playing a machine that paid out in candy. 

“The candy was that cheap off-brand Chinese stuff,” Marriott told Scriberr News. 

“There were kids selling drugs, and I was still making more by selling candy.”

He began to notice how the arcade was capitalizing off of him by playing the machine. Marriott began to show up at his middle school in Maui with bags of off brand candy that he had won at the arcade days prior.

“If I  recall correctly, in my first week of selling candy I made over $300, and this wasn’t even like the good kind,” said Marriott.

Marriott continued to spend his weekends at the arcade spending hundreds of dollars and wiping out the candy machine, until he realized that he could be spending one-fourth of the price by cutting out the middleman, the arcade, and going straight to the supplier. 

Marriott started to order his candy 50 pounds at a time for pennies on the dollar and started making close to $3,000 a week just off of candy. 

At this point, Marriott was selling close to 100 pounds of candy a week, and was dubbed the nickname “The Candy Man.” 

Marriott proceeded to show his friends how easy it was to sell candy, and by the end of seventh grade, his small idea turned into over a $100,000 venture.

Imagine capitalizing off a trend in 8th grade?

While Marriott’s candy business was booming, he was searching for other ways to make money. 

“One day my friend was fiddling with this cheap [plastic] piece of shit, that he bought used for $30 off of his friend, this is when I found out about the spinner trend.”

Marriott proceeded to buy over 200 plastic fidget spinners from AliBaba for $400, and within a week the spinners were sold for a 15x profit, according to Marriott.

After finding his new “money-making trend,” Marriott decided to buy over 5000 more fidget spinners which he bought for 80 cents each and sold for $10-$30.

Photo Courtesy: Ozzy Marriott – Shipment of 5000 Fidget Spinners 

With Marriott making over $40,000 in spinners alone his dad, Garth Marriott, started to become interested in wholesaling fidget spinners. Garth started to research the spinners and found companies in the U.S. selling high-quality spinners. 

Like father like son, Garth decided to recruit Marriott and proceeded to teach him the ropes of running a professional online business. 

“Since moving to Maui his online store was inactive, when I saw the fidget spinner trend arising I thought it would be a good way to make money,” Marriott said. Marriott and his dad were estimated to have made over $30,000 at the end of 2016 alone, not bad for a 14-year-old.

The wolf on wall street

“In 9th grade, I lost over $20,000 in GoPro stock,” Marriott told Scriberr. while Marriott was making tens of thousands of dollars he thought It would be a good idea to start investing. Marriott’s stock portfolio was second to none at the time until he invested over $40,000 into GoPro stock while taking a huge hit.

When asked how did you get into stocks? Marriott responded with, “If it wasn’t for my grandma I wouldn’t even know what a stock is.”

Marriott proceeded to spend the next years of his career, making hundreds of thousands of dollars trading stocks.

A new chapter

11th grade was a turning point for Marriott as he started to shift his career paths, Marriott was offered a job from Mammoth Media, a multi-million dollar mobile entertainment company, as their General Manager of a network of influencers at Promotely

“Ozzy played an instrumental role in building Promotely with us since day one. His entrepreneurial spirit and constant hustle is exactly why I was confident in bringing him into the team full-time,” Mammoth Media told Scriberr News.

Our studio’s main audience is Gen Z, so it’s extremely valuable to have Ozzy on the ground talking to his peers, relaying their feedback back to us, and helping us build the right products and experiences his community is searching for.

Ozzy now heads up our supply efforts on Promotely and has personally onboarded thousands of creators into our platform,” said Benoit Vatere, Founder & CEO of Mammoth Media and Promotely.

Fast forward two years, Marriott is still working with Mammoth Media and trading stocks on a daily, not so much selling candy though. Marriott has bridged the gap between influencers and monetization as well as built a multi-million dollar network at the minimal age of 17 while having a blast with his friends.

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