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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his wife donated thousands of dollars to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s campaign as recall efforts against the California governor grow. 

Hastings made two donations to the campaign, according to a filing Feb. 5. One contribution was for $29,600 and the other for $32,400. 

Patricia Ann Quillin, Hastings’ wife, donated the same amount to Newsom’s campaign.

While Netflix’s headquarters resides in California, the new donations come after three significant Trump donors donated $325,000 to the recall campaign.

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The campaign to recall Newsom needs 1,495,709 million signatures by March 17. They have already passed the needed threshold at 1.5 million raw signatures, but signatures will need to be sent to their respective counties to confirm their identities. 

Chairman of the Tom Del Beccaro tweeted Feb. 10 “We have over 1.5 mill raw signatures but they are not all verified.  My message is that 1.5m sounds great but is NOT ENOUGH. To ensure qualification we need 1.9 million.”

“We are in the red zone at the 10-yard line,” said Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Official media spokesman, in a recent press release.

A recent online study conducted by Berkeley IGS Poll found only 46% of Californians approve of Newsom’s performance, while 48% disapprove and 31% strongly disapprove. The online poll was conducted by over 100,000 registered voters. 

Berkeley IGS Poll reported last September that “more voters approved than disapproved of the job Newsom was doing by a 64% to 36% margin.”  

“These results should provide a strong warning to the Governor. If the recall election does go forward, the state’s response to the pandemic needs to be seen as more successful for the Governor than it is now for him to be confident of the election outcome,” said IGS Co-Director, Eric Schickler.

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