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The Lincoln Project shut down its fundraising page as sexual harassment allegations and misappropriation of funds pile up. 

The Lincoln Project listed their donation page as “inactive” Feb. 13, which has netted them $90 million since 2019. The Lincoln Project has not released a statement regarding the reason for their decision in disabling the page.

Co-Founder Steve Schmidt also resigned the same day after sexual harassment allegations regarding other Co-Founder John Weaver surfaced. 

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Schmidt addressed the allegations against Weaver two days before stepping down.

“No Lincoln Project employee, intern, or contractors ever made an allegation of inappropriate communication about John Weaver that would have triggered an investigation by HR or by an outside employment counsel,” Schmidt said. 

“In other words, no human being ever made an allegation about any inappropriate sexualized communications about John Weaver ever.”

According to a report by the Associated Press, however, members of the Lincoln Project were informed of at least 10 specific allegations of harassment against Weaver that involved two employees in June of 2020. Just last week, two former interns also came forward with new allegations regarding lurid text messages from Weaver. 

 Alex Johnson, one of the former interns, was a senior at the University of Texas.

“His messages never stopped. And I would play along, just to be nice…Because I knew, I mean, he’s important. Like he has the strings. And we operate in the same kind of political culture of being ‘Never Trumpers,” he told New York Magazine.

One of the well-known members of the Lincoln Project, George Conway, who resigned last summer because he wanted to give more time to family matters, said that the PAC should give a full explanation of what took place.

“I think all these people are owed — and I think all the people who gave money to the Lincoln Project are owed — a full explanation of what happened. So we know what happened with Weaver, and if there are issues with where the money went, that too.”

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