Social Media star Topper Guild published a YouTube video Feb. 14 titled “PROPOSING TO MY GIRLFRIEND AT 18 YEARS OLD **NOT CLICKBAIT**” where he proposed to his 18-year-old girlfriend of two months, Colie Nuanez.

Guild started dating Colie Nuanez (18) in late October after the couple met each other through the social media industry.

Guild (18) has been in the social media industry for years and is most prominently known for his pranks on TikTok which has garnered him over 20 million followers. He’s also a prominent creator on both YouTube and Instagram. 

Nuanez’s background stems from the modeling industry and was even named NAM Miss Jacksonville’s Teen of 2019-2020, Nuanez is also a fairly prominent TikToker with over 3.5 Million followers to her name.

The young and restless couple posted a video on YouTube Sunday, announcing that they had been engaged. Guild had planned to take his (at the time girlfriend) to the Malibu Hills in Los Angeles on a fancy date, but little did Nuanez know Guild would be asking a question that would forever impact both of their lives, “will you marry me.”

While the video title suggests it’s not “clickbait,” the common practice of creators faking events for views is NOT uncommon. At the time of this article being written both Guild and Nuanez have been contacted by phone, and have not responded.

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