The Los Angeles Police Department launched an official investigation after one of their officers reported a Valentine card that showed a photo of George Floyd and the caption “you take my breath away” was being shared among officers.

Chief of LAPD, Michel Moore, said he has yet to see the image himself.

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“The Department has become aware of allegations that an image was being passed around the department and this image was in the workplace,” LAPD tweeted Feb. 13. 

“There are also allegations that the post with the image was authored by a department employee.”

“A personnel complaint has been initiated, and we are pursuing each allegation, including interviewing the department member who brought it to our attention.”

“At this point, the Department has not identified any actual postings in the workplace or identified that it was, in fact, our department employee who created the image. We have raised the apparent existence of the image and directed commands to survey the worksites for it.”

“If found, any employee or supervisor is directed to take possession and identify those present. The Department will have zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

George Floyd, a Black man, was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin May 25, 2020.

Chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for nine minutes.

Moore addressed the issue further Feb. 16 in a statement.

“We’ll go back to try to trace down who actually started this. Who is patient zero, so to speak,” Moore said. 

“My efforts are if it was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, to take disciplinary action. I have no tolerance or temperament to let them remain in the Department.”

“The Office of the Inspector General is closely monitoring this investigation to ensure it’s thorough and complete and does not race to an end and at the same time it does not drag out.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League said if anyone from the LAPD was involved, they would be fired immediately.

Written ByLauren Akabori

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