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A bill in South Carolina, which would ban most abortions, was passed Feb. 19 and then suspended for two weeks today by a federal judge. 

Planned Parenthood requested that the bill be deferred until their lawsuit against the state of South Carolina was settled. Judge Mary Geiger Lewis suspended the law for two weeks and will renew the suspension until a hearing can be held March 9.

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Governor Henry McMaster, who signed the bill less than an hour after it was approved, quickly promised he would be fighting to defend the law. 

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson also made a statement about the lawsuit.

“My office will vigorously defend this law in court because there is nothing more important than protecting life,” Wilson said

Judge Lewis granted the suspension of the law partly due to 75 women who had scheduled abortions with Planned Parenthood court papers read. Many of these women would be unable to go through with the procedure due to the new restrictions. 

Aside from cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother all other abortions are illegal. Under the law, healthcare providers who perform the abortion would be subject to felony charges, imprisonment, and fines. Pregnant women would not be punishable by law.

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