The Israeli Health Ministry reported it has seen its lowest positivity rate of Covid-19 in the last two months. 

Approximately 46% of the country’s population received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Earlier this year, the Sheba Medical Centre found that the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine reduced the infection rate by 75%, including asymptomatic cases. 

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“This is first real-world evidence of effectiveness that shows up after the first dose of the vaccine,” said Professor Eyal Leshem, director of Sheba’s Institute for Travel and Tropical Medicine to Sky News.

Around 2.8 million Israelis have received their second dose of the vaccine. Receiving both doses has decreased the risk of becoming ill from COVID-19 by 95.8%, according to the reports. According to the ministry, it has been 98% effective in preventing hospitalizations, fevers and respiratory problems. 

Ichilov Medical Center has stated that 9 out 10 new cases treated on Friday were unvaccinated. Those who did not receive the vaccine were in serious and critical condition.

“We are the first country in the world that is reviving itself thanks to the millions of vaccines we brought in,” tweeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein stated that the vaccinated and recovered would be able to enter gyms, events and synagogues with a “Green Pass” certificate

Signing into the designated Health Ministry app linked to medical files or a vaccine certification could be used as proof for pass holders. 

“This is how the first stage will look in the return to your almost normal lives” said Edelstein.  Netanyahu also tweeted “Vaccinated? Get the Green Pass and get back to life.” 

The Israeli Government has recently lifted a two-month lockdown and have claimed it to be its last. Synagogues are now allowed to worship inside and out with limited capacity. 

Malls, museums, and libraries have also reopened to the public. Schools in low-infected areas have begun to return to class, while others are expected to return in a few weeks. 

Chezy Levy, general director of the health ministry, said “we wanted to open things up carefully, not to put all the students together in the school and cause infection and morbidity.”

However, with more than half of the population unvaccinated, Israel’s coronavirus commissioner Nachman Ash says there is no guarantee it will be the last. 

“I do not rule out another lockdown, but I hope we do not have to get there. We want to open up the economy in a measured way when the vaccines reduce morbidity,” said Ash.

Written ByJose Villegas

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