Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on Today about the importance of getting teachers vaccinated in her first interview on Feb. 17.

Harris talked about vaccine distribution and how crucial it is to get people vaccinated.

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“We have a vaccine, and that is great, but we need to get it in the arms of all Americans,” Harris said. “As The president said last night, we expect that to be done in the terms of having the available supply by the end of July.”

“We have a whole program that is now getting one million vaccines to pharmacies,” Harris continued.

Harris responded to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation of schools remaining closed if located in a highly infected area. 

“What the CDC have recommended are exactly that, recommendations, about how to reopen safely if they’ve been closed, how to stay open if they’ve been open,” Harris said.

She understands that schools need to reopen, so students aren’t falling behind in their education.

“The issue here is not just about statistics — it’s about our kids, it’s about their parents,” Harris said. “It’s about the fact that every day our kids are missing essential, critical days in their educational development.”

Harris is pushing for prioritizing the vaccination of teachers, ensuring their own lives and students’ safety.

“We all want our kids to get back to school, as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,” Harris said. “Teachers should be a priority, along other frontline workers.”

Harris readdressed President Joe Biden’s goal of getting as many elementary and middle schools open in his first 100 days of presidency. 

She said their goal is to open as many K-8 schools as possible five days a week.

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