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The Black Lives Matter organization raised more than $90 million in 2020 to fight against racism and police brutality.

Protests organized by the organization frequently occurred throughout the nation last year to support George Floyd and other Black Americans who lost their lives to police brutality.

According to documents shared with the Associated Press, most of the donations were brought in through the organization’s primary fundraising platform.

Portions of the funds raised went towards different areas of the organization.

$8.4 million went towards staffing, crisis intervention and other administrative costs.

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$22 million of that money went towards grants for local chapters and Black leadership organizations across the United States.

Black Lives Matters co-founder, Patrice Cullors, shared a statement with the Associated Press saying that the foundation needs to “reinvest into black communities.”

“We want to uplift Black joy and liberation, not just Black death,” Cullors told the Associated Press. “We want to see Black communities thriving, not just surviving.”

“One of our biggest goals this year is taking the dollars we were able to raise in 2020 and building out the institution we’ve been trying to build for the last seven and a half years,” she continued.

It wasn’t until 2020 the organization began to see more donations that would help them stay afloat and help others in the Black community.

“Because the BLM movement was larger than life, and it is larger than life, people made very huge assumptions about what our actual finances looked like,” Cullors told the Associated Press. “We were often scraping for money, and this year was the first year where we were resourced in the way we deserved to be.”

After George Floyd’s death, the BLM organization saw a surge in physical and financial support, helping them become a more established institution for their community.

The organization was able to reach the status of being a non-profit with the IRS.

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