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Chinese factories in Myanmar were set on fire.

According to Global Times, a Chinese media outlet, 32 Chinese factories in Yangon were attacked and two employees were injured.

The damages amounted to 240 million yuan, which is upwards of 36 million USD, according to Global Times.

The fires were allegedly set by protesters as anti-China sentiment rises in Myanmar due to belief among many protesters that China is playing a role in the military coup.

The attacks occurred primarily in the Shwe Lin Ban Industrial Zone in Hlaing Thar Yar Township, which is in the western part of Yangon.

The Chinese embassy in Yangon issued a statement urging people not to harm Chinese factories.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also denounced the burning of the buildings.

On Facebook, the Chinese embassy’s statement was met with several thousand laughing emoji reactionsreacts.

Protesters have expressed anger that China did not denounce the coup, claiming that it was an “internal matter.”.

Protesters are also angry that the Chinese embassy now issued a statement denouncing violent activities only when Chinese factories were hit, but did not do so before.

The buildings were primarily Chinese-invested clothing and textile industry factories. 

Some social media users have expressed skepticism of the notion that the fires were caused by protesters, insteadand have suggestinged that the military might have been the ones to start the fires.

This comes after incidents in which the Burmese military have tried to coerce kids into setting fires to buildings in neighborhoods.

It is still unclear as to who initially set the fires at several Chinese factories in Myanmar.

The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar, a group of international experts consisting of former United Nations officials, has said that “a major military crackdown may be imminent, with fatal consequences” and called for “immediate international political intervention.”

“So far, the international response to the attempted coup has been weak,” the council said. “It is sending a dangerous message that the generals will continue to suffer no meaningful repercussions for their violent attacks on the Myanmar people.”

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