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A 7-year-old girl was shot and killed by Myanmar soldiers on Mar. 23 during a military raid in Mandalay’s Chanmyathazi township.

Khin Myo Chit was shot in the abdomen while sitting in her father’s lap. The soldier who shot Khin Myo Chit was aiming for her father.

Khin Myo Chit’s family lives in Aung Pin Le ward. Soldiers stormed Khin Myo Chit’s home during the neighborhood raid.

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According to Myanmar Now, Khin Myo Chit’s older sister, May Thu, reported that upon forceful entry of Khin Myo Chit’s home, the soldiers asked Khin Myo Chit’s father if everyone was home.

May Thu said that her father told the soldiers all six family members were inside the home, but one of the soldiers claimed that her father was lying.

The soldier then shot at the father, but the bullet hit Khin Myo Chit who was sitting on his lap.

May Thu also reported that her 19-year-old brother was severely beaten with the ends of the soldiers’ rifles and then subsequently abducted by the military.

After the soldiers left, the family rushed Khin Myo Chit to the hospital, but when they arrived, doctors could no longer save her.

During this same neighborhood raid, two other people were also killed.

Tin Soe Oo, who was in his 30s, and 20-year-old Chan Thar Htwe, were also killed.

U.S. President Joe Biden imposed sanctions on the Myanmar military in mid-February and new sanctions were imposed by the U.S. Treasury recently.

Several governments and world organizations, including the UN, have also condemned the violence and deadly force that the Myanmar military have used on protesters.

People all over the world have condemned the military’s actions and have engaged in protests against the military.

Members of the Burmese community, as well as non-Burmese people, protested in the middle of Times Square in New York City holding up signs condemning the Myanmar military on Mar. 20.

So far the military has not shown any regard for these sanctions or condemnations, and continues to use deadly force.

Khin Myo Chit is the youngest reported victim of the Myanmar military so far.

“Even the children are not protected,” said U Thant Myint U, writer, historian and grandson of former U.N. Secretary General U Thant.

Khin Myo Chit’s family now mourns her death.

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