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Many Americans feel confident that they can return to their church, temple, mosque or house of worship this spring, as COVID-19 case numbers decline and vaccine opportunities grow. 

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The Pew Research Center released results of a survey that said a majority of churchgoing American adults believe they can return to religious buildings without getting or giving others the coronavirus. This response has increased since summer of last year. 

Additionally, 15% said their church should be closed in order to curb the spread of the virus which is down from 28% in 2020. 


In person attendance has slowly increased even though congregations often gather outdoors or with modifications. Four in 10 people who say they normally attend church have participated in an in person gathering within the past month. In response, religious attendance on livestream services is downtrending.

Easter is a typically well attended Chrsitian holiday as 62% of U.S. Chrsitians say they go to church on that day. But just 39% plan to attend an in person service this year. 

Only 12% of U.S. religious attenders say their buildings are completely closed and 12% say their buildings are completely open. Which leaves a good amount of churchgoers operating with modifications such as social distancing, mask mandates and restrictions regarding singing or chanting.

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