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COVID-19 cases have dropped significantly since the state of Texas lifted its mask mandate and reopened businesses three weeks ago.

“Today Texas hit an all-time recorded low for the 7-day Covid positivity rate: 5.27%. It’s been below 6% for 5 days & below 10% for an entire month,” Governor Abbott tweeted. “Covid hospitalizations declined again–now at the lowest level since October 3. Vaccinations continue to increase rapidly.”

Texas has not seen this low of a test positivity rate since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that the number of COVID-19 cases in Texas has dropped to the lowest since June of last year.

According to Governor Abbott’s tweet, hospitalizations are also at the lowest they have been since October 2020.

As of March 30 Texas has a total of 2,775,669 COVID-19 cases.

Governor Abbott first announced on March 2 that Texas’s state would lift its mask mandate and reopen at full capacity. 

Texas has administered 10 million vaccines to residents in the state so far.

“Hitting ten million vaccines today is a major accomplishment in our state’s continued fight against COVID-19,” Governor Abbott said. “I want to thank all the healthcare workers and volunteers that made this milestone possible. However, the fight is not over.”

Abbott also announced on March 29 that Texas would allow administration of vaccines to anyone 16 years and older.

“Starting today, all Texans 16 years and older are eligible to receive a #COVID19 vaccine,” Governor Abbott tweeted. “@TexasDSHS has directed vaccine providers to move Texans 80 years or older to the front of the line.”

Texas is one of the many states that completely reopened in the past month.

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