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The civil disobedience movement in Myanmar protesting against the military coup by the junta has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2022 was brought forth by six academics at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Professor Kristian Stokke, one of the nominators, said the CDM participants “are risking arrests, torture and death yet have chosen to fight for their freedom through labor strikes, peaceful assembly and non-violent resistance.”

The nomination said: “[The CDM] strives to create a united stand against the military’s divide and rule tactics and for federal democracy. If successful, this holds the potential of ending Myanmar’s long legacy of direct and indirect military rule and intrastate armed conflicts.”

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Dr. Sasa, the CRPH-appointed special envoy to the UN, praised the nomination.

“It will give new hope to the people of Myanmar and bring to the forefront their suffering and pain as they stand for justice, freedom and peace, despite the oppressive and brutal actions of the military”, said Dr. Sasa.

Lee Yanghee, Professor at Sungkyunkwan University and former UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, praised the nomination.

“Absolutely fantastic. Absolutely appropriate. Absolutely worthy,” Lee said.

Despite widespread condemnation domestically and internationally against the use of deadly force on protesters, the death toll among protesters has been rising since the coup began.

The death toll is now above 300.

The CDM movement has protested in a variety of ways.

Protests initially took the form of the banging of pots and pans every night at 8 p.m.

Then, protesters took to the streets. 

The latest method came on March 24 when CDM participants went on a silent strike.

The streets of Yangon, the country’s busiest city, were uncharacteristically empty. CDM participants even encouraged each other not to order food as it would mean food delivery couriers would have to venture out on the streets.

People did not go to work and businesses remained closed for the day.

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