On Saturday, May 29th, Austin McBroom took to the streets of Beverly Hills for what he called a “YouTube Take Over Parade,” in relevance to his up-coming fight on June 5th with TikTok star Bryce Hall, in which he encouraged fans, press and others to meet-up on the 400 block of the world famous Rodeo Drive.

On May 28th, McBroom posted a flyer on Snapchat asking his fans and supporters to come to Beverly Hills, and to “be ready to take over the streets,” and that they did.

On May 29th at 4:00 p.m. PST, crowds formed around the 300 block of rodeo drive, in front of the Gucci store, with almost 300 people in attendance.

Connor McCrory | Scriberr News

As crowds grew bigger and McBroom showed up, Beverly Hills PD shut down the 300 block of Rodeo, causing a stop in traffic. The crowd quickly moved to an alleyway off of Brighton street where Mcboom could be seen hitting a pinata.

Mike Luso | Scriberr News

As the crowd grew in size, BPD moved the riot to Santa Monica BLVD, repeatedly asking the crowd to “disperse”. At around 5:00 pm BPD declared the gathering an “unlawful assembly,” and forced the crowd to evacuate Rodeo completely, and shut down Rodeo completely.

Connor McCrory | Scriberr News

McBroom at around 5:20 pm realized that the crowd was getting too rowdy. A Passerby in a vehicle motioned for McBroom to enter their vehicle so he could get away just outside of 400 N Canon.

At the time of publishing the Beverly Hills Police Department has not responded to Scriberr News’ request for comment.

No injuries or lethal force was reported by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

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