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Four schools in the Bronx initiated the rollout of in-school COVID-19 vaccination sites as of June 4. Selected schools in all five boroughs will also offer vaccines for students. 

“You can simply walk in with your student, any friend or family member who needs a vaccine, or just get one for yourself. It’s quick and easy, and will help you keep yourself, your neighborhood, and your school community safe,” according to the NYC Department of Education (DOE).  

Manhattan City Councilman Mark Levine, chair of the Council’s Health Committee, said this will make vaccinations more accessible, especially for families who aren’t able to take their kids to a vaccination site after school.

Bronx Councilman Eric Dinowitz, also a former teacher, said this trust being formed between schools and families will make a huge difference for “vaccine-hesitant parents.” 

“Families and children trust their teachers, they trust the administration, they trust their school staff,” said Dinowitz.

It was also announced that by June 8, the Pfizer vaccine will be administered at the New York Aquarium for kids ages 12 and up. Those who participate will get a free ticket to the aquarium for a future visit. 

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This is a value of $26.00-$29.00. The aquarium is open weekdays 10:00 am -5:00 pm and weekends 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. After receiving the vaccination visitors can enjoy the invertebrate and shark exhibits as well as the 4-D theater experience. 

The aquarium promotion is related to the federal government’s recent incentives that have been released to urge people to vaccinate. Incentives range anywhere from free food such as free Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, to free flights for a whole year from United Airlines “Your Shot To Fly Sweepstakes.”  

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Youth vaccination block parties were also held across the city from June 1-7. Family activities, food and music were all included in the festivities. Public health officials were on site to answer questions about the vaccine.

These locations include: The Bronx Writing Academy, JHS and MS 180 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – 750 Baychester Avenue, Bronx. Additional school stes may become available throughout the summer. 

Middle school children, their family members and local residents can get vaccinated atthes sites. This is an ongoing push to vaccinate children as so far only 23% of children aged 12-17 are vaccinated in New York City.

The clinics were open to all eligible New Yorkers featuring DJ, games and an ice cream station, the United Federation of Teachers said.

On Sunday and Monday the DOE operated three vaccination sites from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at:

IS 90 – 21 Jumel Place, Manhattan

IS 88 – 544 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

PS 214 – 1970 West Farms Road, Bronx.

People who got the vaccination shot at any of the four Bronx schools on Friday will receive their second dose June 25, the last day of public school in NYC. 

Officials of New York City have stated that the game plan to bring vaccinations to nearby schools has been launched due to the partnership between the education and health departments and the United Federation of Teachers, the city’s teacher union.

Beyond this point of time, any child who is vaccinated at the school next week will be scheduled for their second doses at an open school this summer. 

Scriberr News reached out to NYC City Council for comment but did not hear back by press deadline.

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