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Last week in Glendora, there was a complaint from a neighbor about a strong odor coming from a house, leading to the discovery of 33 cats and one dog. According to the Inland Valley Humane Society (IVHS) and S.P.C.A., seven cats were found dead and three were later euthanized due to their conditions. 

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Glendora’s code-enforcement unit received a report of a strong odor coming from a house on the 2000 block of East Linfield Street on June 10. On the following day, IVHS was notified and sent eight of its officers along with the police to investigate. 

“The house was in deplorable conditions and unsanitary and unfit for not only the person living there, but for the animals as well,” James Edward, administrative services director at IVHS, told Scriberr News. Additionally, there were “overflowing cat-litter boxes, excrement throughout the home, and multiple cats in several rooms.”

IVHS has faced similar cases  in the past. In August 2019, IVHS rescued 16 cats and one dog, 5 of which were newborn kittens, from an alleged hoarding house in Pomona. Inspection by IVHS and Pomona PD revealed that the house was covered in feces and cat urine. Ruth Gerlach, the resident of the home, was arrested on animal cruelty charges. 

Similar instances also occurred in Sedalia, Missouri in which law enforcement found 78 cats in a small home in August 2020. Many of the cats were in need of immediate medical care. 

Additionally, deceased kittens were found in bags around the home and 27 deceased cats were found buried in the backyard. The walls of the house the cats were found in were covered in mucus and snot, leading Randi Batson, manager of the Sedalia Animal Shelter, to suspect that the cats had at least an upper respiratory infection. Two people have been arrested on charges of animal cruelty. 

Edwards said one of the main challenges when it comes to humane investigations is “being able to gain access and not finding out earlier.” 

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Nikole Bresciani, president and CEO of IVHS echoed a similar challenge in a statement, citing, “It’s vitally important that community members don’t delay in reporting suspicious behavior related to animals or odors coming from a home, because time is of the essence to stop irresponsible pet owners and save those animals’ lives.” 

IVHS will be pursuing a case of animal cruelty against the owner of the home. The cats and the dog may be available for adoption at IVHS once the vet team has accessed them.

Scriberr News contacted Glendora City Code Enforcement but did not respond by press deadline. 

Scriberr News contacted the Glendora Police Department but declined to comment.

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